It’s official! Last week we found out the actual date for our B’nai Mitzvah!

April 25, 2015

This just made it so real.  It’s actually going to happen.  I will add a countdown meter to the blog just freak myself out even more.

Classes last week got really interesting.  Our Rabbi has joined us for a few weeks in teaching which is super exciting.  We are delving into our relationship with G-d and what it means to us. So we’re reading our second book on the subject The Way Into Encountering God in Judaism by Neil Gillman.  The discussions are to starting to get a little deeper and I think I may end up the Romantic-Hippy of the bunch, but we’ll see.  Maybe I shouldn’t raise my hand so fast and let others say something!

It was mentioned we will have a  writing assignment where we write about our own relationship with G-d so stay tuned for that (eek).

Excited for class tonight and excited about having and actual date and Parshah (Torah Portion) to explore!

Sending Love.


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  1. OUR DATE HAS CHANGED!!! MAY 30, 2015…

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