¡Hola!  Yo soy Alejandra Frida Kiguelman. Welcome!

Argentinean & Jewish rooted; raised in New Jersey & currently living in Los Angeles.  

This blog is currently serving as a tool to document my spiritual journey over the next 2 years towards the bimah.

I was raised in a Jewish home. A pretty non-observant home. I did, however, attend Hebrew School as a kid but decided against moving forward and having a Bat Mitzvah. As life would have it, I am quite the spiritual being now in my thirties. A lover of Jewish tradition, a woman of faith, and a woman that has been wishing she didn’t make that decision as a kid for quite some time now. For many years, I have been desiring the experience of being called to the Bimah. And wouldn’t you know – my shul (temple) announced this year an Adult B’nai Mitzvah program!

I signed up, of course, and am nervously looking forward to the experience. Nervous for many reasons but excited for many more.

Since we will be discussing spiritual issues, reading books, keeping journals, exploring our relationship with G-d and with each other, learning Torah (I mean, HEAVY stuff here!) I thought I would start to document the experience. I have a feeling this will expand into posts not ONLY about my classes but the spiritual journey itself and maybe even my life that’s happening at the same time too!

Stay tuned as the posts will get more into details of me and my life with Judaism my path.



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