“What is a Man with no History?”

There is no Inspiration for me like my Family…

Where we come from.

Who our ancestors were.

What their names & personalities were.

What our parents taught us and what we choose to pass down (and what we choose not to).

How did we end up here?

My family’s history and voyages are quite interesting.  I am sure I have mentioned already how much I admire my family and its history.  I keep saying I want to write a book about it.  Not a book to make millions off of but to have it all documented.  For the rest of my family that’s here and the future generations.  There is so much to write about to describe our family tree, it’s time to start drafting this book.

Here in this section, I would like to share with you different inspiring members of my family (both living and deceased).  People who inspire you to continue on your path.  That demonstrate what Strength is; Faith, Love, Compassion.

Mi Bobe y Mi Zeide

(My Grandmother and My Grandfather) were major parts in my life (and probably for most of the 12 cousins I grew up with as well).  The pioneers that planted the seeds in Paterson, NJ for the North American branch of our tree.  Mi Zeide came on his own while his wife and three children lived in Israel.  He established himself first before bringing the rest of the family out.  This, is after moving the family from Argentina to Israel.  Quite a journey!

In their story there is Love in their relationship to each other.  A wife who loves her husband while he is away, while they reunite, while he starts a business, while she raises children in a new country, while they learn a new language, while she makes some of the best cookies you’ve ever had.  ¡Por favor, mas pletzales!

There is also Strength in living life away from their loved ones.   Some of us in this family have also chosen to make their families away from home (myself included) and we can all attest to how difficult it can be emotionally.  I have days where I just can’t bear the thought that my children have no grandparents nearby.  I always look for strength in the women of my ancestry, who also lived with similar feelings.  Mothers who raised children without their own mother is a tired tale sometimes around here!

Mi Zeide, of blessed memory, loved to talk and had no problem telling us stories about anything we wanted to know (or didn’t want to know!). I remember some, can’t remember a lot, but always imagine the 100 more stories he could tell me now were he still here.  We still have our beautiful Bobe with us who continues to humor my questions about her sisters, her parents, Zeide’s parents, her grandparents and on and on.  She also continues to humor me with her joyous sense of humor!  We are definitely a family that appreciates comedy and she is biggest jokester of them all.

So much to tell, I will have to update on a regular basis.  I’ve also started a collection of old photographs that I will post soon.

Here is one of my Bobe’s parents:

La Bobe Rosa y el Zeide Fabian

Bobe Rosa y Zeide Fabian
¡¡Los adoro aunque nunca los conocí!!

¿Quien fue la Frida?

¿Quien ES la Frida de hoy?


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